Because of you…

Youth for Christ in Guatemala, with a full-time staff of four people and a team of trained volunteers, has developed the Generation 21 (G21) project, focusing on the following components:

  • The G21 Club, with middle school students; in private and public educational centers
  • The “I abstain Myself” Campaign: a sexual orientation campaign, that promotes abstinence, to fight back the advance of HIV and AIDS in the youth sector
  • The “Youth Prayer Movement”: a movement to mobilize Guatemala’s Christian youth to pray for other young people. Organizing Christian youth in their churches in Prayer Triplets, Prayer Walks, Prayer Concerts and the National Day of Prayer for Youth (this year it will take place on Sunday August 7th, 2011)
  • Intensive Leadership Formation School (ILFS): Through the year we develop three ILF’s; three strategic moments in which we call out to leaders and develop workshops, dedicated to church leaders that work with youth. We also use these moments to recruit volunteers.
  • The Gospel Tour with Carpenter’s Tools: 20 days of intensive Gospel sharing in schools, public places and churches; with the goal of touching ten thousand youth with the Gospel, between the months of July and August

Prayer Needs

  • Economical provision to adequately cover the salaries of staff and the operating expenses
  • For material in Spanish to train staff and other leaders
  • For the effectiveness of ministy
  • For the Lord to permit work with a larger number of volunteers
  • For the security of staff and their families, as well as the young people who are involved in ministry
  • For the Lord to provide an adequate property for offices and youth centre